• 04/11/16

    Competition Kick-Off
    9:45 AM, Friday, Room 125 BT

    During the lecture of The Mining of Massive
    Datasets Challenge taught by dr. Krzysztof Dembczyński

  • 25/02/17

    Competition Ends

    Final submissions will be made and judging will commence.

  • 28/02/17

    Announcement of the Final Results

    Check the final results of the competition

  • 21/03/2017

    Workshop and Awards Ceremony

    Click here for more details.


The Let’s Roq Challenge is the first of it’s kind to be hosted by cross-device technology provider This competition is specially designed to challenge your skill set by providing you with a real-life data science and engineering problem that is currently being tackled by real-life professionals globally.

Get in on the action! The competition kicks off on 4/11/2016 and ends mid February.

As a participant in the Let’s Roq Challenge, your task will be to estimate the probability that two given devices belong to the same user. You’ll receive a training set with approximately 150, 000 candidate connections between devices. Each connection is described by around 200 features and tagged by a binary label that indicates whether it is or is not an actual connection. The test set contains similar information, however, the connections are not tagged. The prediction of tags should be obtained by learning algorithms designed by you.

The solutions submitted by you and your team will be evaluated using the F-measure. The three teams with the highest values of this measure on the test set will win the monetary prize. To sweeten the deal even more, will offer the winning team an internship and the opportunity solve real world problems.

About is the leading cross-device expert in Europe. Through proprietary technology, built in-house at our Poznan tech development office, matches digital devices to people and people to households. Headquartered in Berlin, we are a team of 25 employees from over 10 countries with offices in two countries: Germany and Poland. To learn more about us as a company or our mission visit


  • 1

    Team Limits

    A team may consist of a maximum of 3 participants.
    Anyone student registered at the Poznan University of Technology is eligible to participate.

  • 2

    No private sharing outside your team

    It is not permitted to privately share code, data, or any other information outside of your immediate team.

  • 3

    Team Mergers

    It is not permitted to merge or switch teams during any point of the competition.

  • 4

    Submission Limits

    You are eligible to submit a maximum of 2 entries per day.
    Towards the end of the competition, you may select up to 2 final submissions for assessment.


The winners are:

  • 1st Prize (5000 PLN)

    Delta Szwadron Super Cool Komando Wilków Alfa

    (Michał Kempka, Artur Laskowski, Marek Wydmuch)
  • 2nd Prize (3000 PLN)


    (Mateusz Lamecki, Bartosz Osipiuk)
  • 3rd Prize (2000 PLN)


    (Marcin Elantkowski)

Workshop and Awards Ceremony

As the organizers of the competition, we invite the top 5 teams to the Let's Roq Challenge Awards Ceremony, which will take place on March 21, 2017 at the Poznan office.

As part of the ceremony, the teams will give a 10-minute long presentation (in English) about their solution and the experience gained during the competition. After the final team presentation, we will present the top 3 teams with their prizes. The evening will then wrap up with pizza and networking opportunities with the tech team.


  • 16:30 - Opening by Carsten Frien
  • 16:45 - 17:55 - Team Presentations
    • 16:45 - Team 5
    • 16:57 - Team 4
    • 17:10 - Team 3
    • 17:22 - Team 2
    • 17:35 - Team 1
  • 17:55 - Awards Ceremony
  • 18:10 - Pizza and networking

Once again, we would like to congratulate all teams for their great achievements in the Let's Roq Challenge.


If you have any questions regarding the specifics of the competition, please email us.

University Competition Ambassadors

Politechnika Poznańska

dr inż. Krzysztof Dembczyński
Poznan University of Technology

Politechnika Poznańska

mgr inż. Kalina Jasińska
Poznan University of Technology